Concrete Repair

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Before and after concrete repair has been done

Have you ever noticed that the concrete in your garage is in worse condition than all the other concrete on your property? For most people this is certainly the case, and if the issue goes unaddressed for long enough, the area may become irreparable, even posing potential tripping hazards. This is why concrete repair is so important.  


Why Does This Happen?

Garage floors generally see more wear and tear than other areas for a few reasons. The first reason is that it is a generally a high traffic area. Between car traffic, foot traffic, and other miscellaneous traffic, the damage adds up quickly. The second reason is the garage is more exposed to the elements. We all know that water expands when it freezes, so when moisture is trapped in the concrete and it freezes from the cold temperatures, it will cause the concrete to crack and spall. The third reason is its exposure to chemicals and other compounds. Think salt from the roads, motor oil, etc. Over time all of these factors compound with each other to cause excessive concrete damage.

How Do We Repair Concrete?

The way we fix this is by using fast acting patching compounds. First, we prepare the surface of the problem area by grinding the concrete and doing a thorough dust extraction. Once the surface is prepared we mix our patching compound and evenly spread it across the problem areas. Once the compound sets up we grind off any high spots to leave the surface perfectly flat. Then the coating can go on leaving the previous damage virtually unnoticeable.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, if you don’t address issues of concrete damage it will do nothing but spread over time. The best way to repair and hide these damages is with an epoxy floor coating. A high quality epoxy floor coating should last a lifetime, so if you go with a good company with high quality materials and a strong warranty, you will never have to look at ugly, damaged concrete ever again.

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