Full-Chip Systems – Vintage Mica

Of our three mica-media coating system series, our Vintage Mica is top-of-its-class.  It’s available in 10 beautiful, mica-infused chip blends: Bedstone, Cobalt, Desert Edge, Galaxy, Gold Mine, Gun Metal, Quarry, Shalestone, Silverado and Zircon. And like all our full-chip coatings, these systems consist of a thick, moisture-mitigating primer coat, followed by a full-chip spread of your desired Vintage Mica blend. It’s topped with two coats (not one) of our 100%-solids polyaspartic into which we incorporate  an anti-skid aggregate to minimize slippage. The end result is a coating system that’s thick…over 35 mils…possessing high durability including resistance to impacts, abrasion, moisture, chemicals and stains. Because of this, we offer a real lifetime warranty against all moisture-related issues and staining from hot-tire transfer. Your “1-day” system simply can’t offer that! The proof is in their warranty exclusions. Compare our warranty exclusions with theirs…and then call us.

Epoxy flooring Vintage Mica garage floor coating layered illustration

*Due to screen color calibration settings, images and color tones may vary from actual samples.

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