Floor Coating Costs

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A metallic coating in a basement, a high end coating that increases floor coating costs

Floor coating costs can differ for many reasons. The variation in cost can be anywhere from $6.75 per sq. foot to over $7.50 per sq. foot. There are many factors that can increase the cost in price. In this blog we will discuss the factors that determine the cost of the overall system.

These factors include, but are not limited to, the coating system selected, necessary concrete repairs, the need for moisture mitigating primers, UV exposure, and the presence of an existing epoxy coating.


How Floor Coating Selection Affects Cost

There is a myriad variety of floor coatings available to customers. Types of coatings commonly seen are sealers, solid color, partial-chip, full-chip, and metallic coatings. Sealers offer protection against wear and moisture and are easy to clean. Sealers are clear, and are traditionally the least expensive type of coating, which is their biggest advantage. 

Solid color coatings offer a lot of the same benefits with the added bonus of adding a beautifying color to the surface. Partial chip systems have the same benefits of a solid color system, with extra accents courtesy of the chips. Full chip systems include all of the previous advantages with extra texture and protection against impacts, UV light, as well as a completely uniform finish. Metallic coatings are high-end floor coatings with added depth and luster. Metallic coatings offer a stunning glass-like finish. Expectedly, the typical trend is for the floor coating costs to increase as the complexity and quality of the coating increases. 


Concrete Repair and Floor Coating Cost

Concrete repair, and discussed in other blogs, is an important part of the preparation process. Any contractors that ignore this step risk the failure of the coating going on top. Concrete that has been recently poured is generally nearly perfect, but small repairs are usually part of every job. Obviously, the price per square foot will increase depending on the extent of the damage. Surfaces that require large or excessive repairs will bring the floor coating costs up drastically. See our blog post about concrete repairs to learn about why concrete repairs are absolutely necessary for the integrity of the coating system.



Moisture Mitigating Measures

As discussed before, concrete has a porous surface that vapors can easily move through. A floor coating creates an impenetrable surface that the vapors cannot move through. While this can be incredibly helpful, it can also cause issues with moisture heavy surfaces. This is because the vapors cause hydrostatic pressure underneath the coating. 

Therefore, surfaces with excessive moisture can cause the coating to peel and come up if the moisture is not properly addressed. After testing for moisture, your contractor may need to use a moisture mitigating epoxy to ensure a durable and long lasting floor coating. These specialized products are more expensive per square foot, but this is well worth it. Without the proper product, moisture laden floors can potentially cost much more in future repairs. For more information on moisture mitigation and its importance, see our blog.



UV Protection and the Cost

Some coatings come equipped with additives that protect the surface against UV exposure from the sun. These additives come with an extra premium, but are necessary for any outdoor space for cosmetic purposes. Coating systems without these additives risk fading and peeling when exposed to sunlight. Therefore, the added cost is absolutely worth it, since it will ensure the beauty of your floor withstands the sun’s rays.


The Cost of Existing Floor Coatings

Finally, the space being covered might already have an existing coating. These other coatings, whether they are pigments or epoxy coatings, require removal before another coating is added. This adds extra time and labor, hence the increase in price. 

This is another reason to not go with a DIY coating, because when it inevitably fails it will cost you the price of a new coating with the extra premium of the existing coating removal. Even more concerning, some coatings simply cannot be removed at all. The price of removing an existing coating may vary depending on whether it must be stripped off or ground off. Without the removal of the existing surface, the concrete will not have the proper texture to support an epoxy floor coating. See our blog about concrete grinding to learn about the importance of concrete texture for the overall success of the coating.



In Conclusion

There are a variety of styles and coatings available at https://www.fortegaragefloorcoating.com/products/, along with an overview of each system. The important thing to keep in mind is to select the best coating for your price range. Everyone has different tastes and styles, and there are plenty of options for every customer. While the cost of higher end floor coatings can be pricier, it is worth it for the durability and looks. Whatever you do, ensure that you are discerning and do not fall prey to cheap DIY and one day systems that will not last a year. Such misguided projects will cost you more in the long run.