Full Chip Systems

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A full chip system epoxy floor coating in a garage

Full chip systems are a great way to transform your old, damaged concrete into a beautiful, welcoming space. Our PVA and Mica based chips allow for a variety of color and style options that can fit any home. Whether the space is indoors, outdoors, or anywhere in between, our full chip floors can be a great option for you.


What are Full Chip Systems?

Full chip systems are a type of coating system that gets completely covered in chips, leaving minimal exposure of the body coat. This has both cosmetic and functional advantages over traditional partial chip or no chip systems. The cosmetic advantage is a uniform appearance of the floor, which is very difficult to achieve with partial chip systems. The functional advantages are extra UV protection of the body coat, durability, and extra resistance to stains and abrasions. Also, these systems create floors that are easy to clean and hide dirt well, making them ideal for high traffic areas.

DIY kits are always going to be either a partial chip system, or a no chip system. While these types of systems do have their place, they can be a lot more difficult to install and maintain compared to their full chip counterparts. Additionally, they require top of the line products that are not available in DIY kits.


PVA Chips vs. Mica Chips

There are generally two types of chips that are used in these systems. The PVA chips are the standard colored chips that you will find in any full chip coating. Mica chips are reflective and lustrous additions to the system. Mica chips add more cosmetic depth to the system, and enhance the overall appearance of the floor. It should be noted that there is no functional advantage of the mica chips compared to the PVA chips; it’s purely a cosmetic upgrade.


Full Chip Systems and Style Options

At fortegaragefloorcoating.com/, we offer many styles for full chip systems. These include both PVA only systems and PVA and mica combinations. Our ultra systems contain only PVA chips, adding beauty and durability to any concrete floor. On top of that, our Earth Effects, Bagari SE, and Vintage Mica systems incorporate mica chips, adding even more shine and sophistication. 


In Conclusion

There are many advantages full chip systems have over their partial chip and no chip counterparts. As stated above, those benefits include increased durability, extra cleanability, and resistance to UV exposure, stains, and abrasions. Check out our next blog about concrete cracks and repairs.