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There are many things to consider when applying an epoxy floor coating

There are many things to consider when looking for an epoxy floor coating contractor. Each company differs in product, procedure, and expertise, which is why it is important to understand exactly what you should be looking for, and what questions you should ask. Many contractors tend to cut corners, which is why it is important for you to have a complete understanding of the do’s and don’ts.


The products that are used- There are a plethora of epoxy products on the market, each with specific strengths and weaknesses. There is not a “one size fits all” epoxy product. So, it will be very beneficial to understand the differences of each product. New products are much more environmentally friendly, due to low volatile organic compound (VOC) content, so it is best to ensure they use such products. Additionally, make sure your contractor does not apply a polyurethane topcoat for any surface car tires will come into contact with for extended periods of time. The tires will cause unsightly stains in the polyurethane. For more information about the differences between the most common products on the market, check out our other blog.…coating-products/


The safety data sheets- A good contractor will have an easy-to-access safety data sheet for every product containing chemical components. Safety data sheets provide information about the properties of the product, as well as any potential hazards they may possess. Your contractor should easily be able to provide you with this data upon request. If they cannot, consider finding a different contractor.


Contractor certification- The installation of epoxy floor coatings requires a level of expertise that needs a certification. Always check to see if your contractor is certified. An uncertified contractor may cut corners. Also, they may use improper installation techniques. Certified contractors use specialized equipment that uncertified contractors may lack. Therefore, it is always an important thing to consider whether of not your contractor is certified.


1 day installations- Many contractors advertise 1 day coating systems. While this is possible, it is highly situational. When applied in the wrong conditions, the coating will fail in a short period of time. The moisture level in the concrete is the principal factor that dictates the viability of a one day coating. Therefore, if your contractor selects a 1 day coating system, ensure they properly tested the moisture levels of your floor. Those levels should be low enough to allow such systems to be installed. Floors with high enough moisture content require a two day system using moisture mitigating epoxy. For more information regarding moisture mitigating epoxy, see our blog post.


Concrete repair processes- Concrete has to endure many environmental and physical factors that cause it to crack and become damaged over time. It is imperative your contractor repair any damaged concrete prior to applying an epoxy coating. Damage that is not addressed before installing the coating can appear through the coating once it is applied and gets worse as time passes. Also, concrete repair reinforces the durability of your floor at its weakest points. There are many products on the market for concrete repair, but the ones that give the best results are elastomeric products. This is because such products are elastic and provide a flexible surface that mitigates future cracking and damage. Without these products, concrete damage tends to reappear in short order. For more information about concrete repairs, see our blog.


Warranty- A properly installed epoxy floor coating should last a lifetime. If your contractor does not offer any kind of warranty, consider that a red flag. Warranties provide extra security in knowing that the floor you choose is the proper floor for you, one that lasts you a lifetime. Accidents happen and things sometimes go wrong, therefore it is important to have the extra protection a warranty will provide you. Compare warranties from different companies to find the one that suits you best.