DIY Epoxy Kits

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DIY epoxy kits often result in peeling, which can only be fixed by removing and installing a robust coating over top

What are DIY Epoxy Kits?

DIY (do it yourself) epoxy kits are what you will find at your local hardware store. They are advertised as being user friendly, cheap, and quick to apply. However, not everything that is advertised is true. There are various problems that these kits can pose. In this blog we will discuss the most common issues with this type of floor coating product.


Disadvantages of DIY Epoxy Kits: Primers

DIY kits contain low-solids epoxies, which are much easier to apply, but far less durable than their 100% solids counterparts. Without high solids content, the epoxy produces a much lower millage (thickness) than what is needed for a high traffic area. This can result in peeling (delaminations) within as little as a year of application.

DIY epoxy kits will be advertised to cover a certain amount of area. However, this is very deceiving. The area that it can cover is assuming that the surface has been primed, therefore not porous. These primers are always sold separately. This means that you will have to spend more money on a primer kit to ensure the area will be covered as advertised. If you don’t buy the primer separately, you might find yourself making another trip back to buy more epoxy kits.


Disadvantages of DIY Epoxy Kits: Other Concerns

Additionally, these DIY epoxy kits do not come with a topcoat. The topcoat is the wear layer of the coating system. Without this wear layer, all the damage will happen directly to the body coat. This affects the cosmetics of your floor. If you want a durable coating system that will last a long time, you will have to spend significantly more money than what is advertised at the hardware store. This defeats the purpose of the “cheap alternative” that many people are seeking with DIY epoxy kits. 

If you’ve read the instructions on a DIY kit, you’ve likely noticed the sheer multitude of steps and extra equipment required. These steps include wearing NIOSH approved respirators, removing existing paint or sealers, and assessing moisture content. These extra steps and equipment requirements add cost and time to the project. This means it can be very difficult without the proper training and tools. As a result, most people applying DIY epoxy kits tend to overlook or cut corners in concrete preparation. Consequently, the coating ends up peeling up due to an inadequate concrete surface profile. For more information on concrete preparation and surface profile, see our blog.


In Conclusion

There are a lot of deceptive advertisements concerning DIY kits. Unless each step detailed in the kit is followed perfectly, the floor coating will peel in as little as a year’s worth of time. It is never a good idea to sacrifice quality for cost, and that is exactly what the vast majority of those relying on DIY epoxy kits do. Additionally, removing existing coatings can be costly and time consuming, which is why it is better to do it once and do it right. It is highly advised that you seek a professional contractor to install an epoxy floor coating system, saving you money, time, and headaches.