Epoxy Coating Durability

Epoxy Floor Coating

Some floors, such as this one, require a higher degree of epoxy coating durability.

Not all epoxy coatings are created equal. Some areas experience high foot traffic, heavy equipment, and harsh impacts and/or abrasions. Other areas may not experience much traffic at all. It is important to understand the potential wear the floor will undergo so you can choose a system with adequate durability. Epoxy coating durability varies for different types of systems. For …

DIY Epoxy Kits

Epoxy Floor Coating

DIY epoxy kits often result in peeling, which can only be fixed by removing and installing a robust coating over top

What are DIY Epoxy Kits? DIY (do it yourself) epoxy kits are what you will find at your local hardware store. They are advertised as being user friendly, cheap, and quick to apply. However, not everything that is advertised is true. There are various problems that these kits can pose. In this blog we will discuss the most common issues …