Epoxy Coating Durability

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Some floors, such as this one, require a higher degree of epoxy coating durability.

Not all epoxy coatings are created equal. Some areas experience high foot traffic, heavy equipment, and harsh impacts and/or abrasions. Other areas may not experience much traffic at all. It is important to understand the potential wear the floor will undergo so you can choose a system with adequate durability. Epoxy coating durability varies for different types of systems. For example, thicker systems have higher durability than thinner systems. The customer should have an understanding of the system’s durability so they can choose the one that best suits their needs.


Epoxy Coating Durability in Residential Spaces

For both interior and exterior residential spaces, epoxy coating systems are a great option. Whether it’s a garage that will see vehicle traffic, chemicals, abrasions, etc. or a  basement that will only see light foot traffic, a full chip epoxy system will be durable enough to handle anything needed. Not only are these systems durable, they are extremely easy to clean and maintain without using any harsh chemicals.

Even in areas that do not see high traffic, it is still imperative that proper moisture mitigation procedures are taken. Without moisture mitigation, even the best products on the market are bound to fail. Not only can excessive moisture cause the coating system to fail, it can also cause sick building syndrome and/or indoor air quality issues. For more about sick building syndrome, read our blog post about hazards posed by the environment. 


Epoxy Coating Durability in Commercial Spaces

Commercial spaces require much greater epoxy coating durability than residential spaces. These spaces see heavy foot traffic and heavy equipment traffic on a daily basis. For these spaces, 100% solids epoxy is needed, as low solids epoxy systems will not have the adequate durability. The high resistance properties these systems provide, on top of the easy cleanability make a 100% solids epoxy system the best option. For more information about 100% solids epoxy products, read our blog about Epoxy floor coating products. 



In Conclusion

It is important to understand epoxy coating durability, so you can choose a system that will fit your needs. If you intend to get a high traffic area coated, ask your contractor which system will provide the most durability. On the other hand, if you intend to get a low traffic area coated, you may have more options to choose from. No matter the use for your coating system, always ensure your contractor takes the proper moisture mitigation measures into account. To view your different options, see our homepage.