Metallic Epoxy Floor Coatings

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Metallic floor coating in basement

Metallic epoxy floor coatings have been increasing in popularity over the past several years. There are multiple reasons as to why more and more people are looking to get these installed. Whether it be in a commercial or residential space, this style of coating will provide both beauty and durability that will last a lifetime. In this blog, we will discuss exactly what the craze behind these coatings is all about.


Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating Aesthetics


One of the big benefits to these coatings is that they are truly unique, even from one another. Similar to a tie dye shirt, there will never be two metallic floor coatings that look exactly the same. Rather than feeling like a copy-paste style floor, the metallic coatings feel more personalized to each space. Not to mention the plethora of different color and style options within the metallic coatings family, there are truly infinite possibilities as to what the finished product will look like.


Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating Functionality


Metallic epoxy floor coatings are not just visually unique, they also provide great durability and utility across countless applications. Garages, basements, utility rooms, bathrooms, lobbies, workshops, etc. are all excellent candidates for a metallic epoxy system. With resistances to staining, abrasions, and harsh chemicals, it truly is suitable for application in even the harshest of conditions. With no ongoing maintenance and excellent ease of cleaning, it beats out every other style of floor on the market. 


What Makes It Different From Other Epoxy Systems?


There are similarities and differences between the metallic epoxy floor coatings and other systems, such as a full chip system. One of the similarities is the two-part epoxy that is used. Part A is the epoxy resin which usually pigmented to a certain color, and Part B is the activator. Both metallic systems and full chip systems are high-solids epoxies, making them much tougher than the low-solids epoxies you find at the major box stores.


The main difference between the metallic systems and the full chip systems is the presence of chips. With the metallic systems, the traditional decorative paint chips are substituted for tiny metallic pigments that get mixed in with the epoxy. When the epoxy is rolled out, the metallic pigments get dispersed in a random pattern allowing them to shine under different lighting and angles. This is the part that makes the metallic systems unique from one another. During the application process of these metallic epoxy systems, there are techniques that can add even more decorative effects than what the metallic pigments already provide. Whether you want a ripple effect, a zig-zag pattern, highlights, a crater effect, etc. they can all be achieved with the only limitation being one’s imagination. 

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In Conclusion


If you want a durable floor with a unique, personalized touch there is no better system then the metallic epoxy. The possibilities are truly endless with these systems. Whether it be commercial or residential, these metallic systems will fit absolutely anywhere.